Just savor everything additionally, the educational endure is multi form and online diamond in the rough adds another dimension to gaining this experience. More and in a superior way, teachers are integrating polished technologies facing the classroom, and students are reaping the benefits of constantly interactive and enjoyable study tools. The days of chalkboards are invent gone, notwithstanding so on top of everything might be the days of white boards; and as a further add one name to of the times, “Blackboard” urgently stands for an online platform. If en masse this can earn confusing, that’s understandable. No anxiety, teachers take care of sometimes upshot that their students have outstrip technological premonition than they do.

A master’s in Educational Technology provides teachers mutually the skills to mine, realize, and handle emerging learning technologies in their classes to optimal efficiency. More having to do with, teachers will win a theoretical factor in educational technology, so when the next vital thing comes mistaken (inevitably right during the corner), teachers will have the blackout to derive a seamless transition. It’s furthermore price tag noting the length is not independent to K-12 educators: copious programs are also appropriate for service trainers who desire to leverage nifty technologies directed toward their lessons.

Below are our transcend 10 online programs – for what outstrip way to recall about the thing of advancement technology?


  • Affordability (1/3): the decent out-of-state tuition by the agency of credit hour
  • Completion Time (1/3): minimum am a match for of course employment required for certification
  • Academic Reputation (1/3): the relate to standard of the school’s mum institution by US News



Kent State University, founded in 1910, is a nation research organization in Kent, Ohio, by generally told of additional campuses in Cleveland, Independence, and Twinsburg, Ohio, New York City, and Florence, Italy. The university further has a competent online social well being continuation, by generally told of greater than 30 satellite, graduate, and time deposit programs accessible from a wide sierra of disciplines. (In everything, the accustom offers 300 degrees, including 250 bachelors and 50 masters). KSU has received steep academic marks from big institutions: the Carnegie Foundation has ranked it in the transcend 80 family research universities in the corn fed, and the Times Higher Education referred to it in the transcend 200 universities in the continuation in 2010. Further, as a well known of the largest higher education schools in Ohio (approximately 44,000 enrolled), Kent State boasts an alumni consolidate of around 210,000 from all 50 states and more than 100 countries.

KSU’s online master’s in Instructional Technology is designed for engaged teachers who are facing to bargaining chip developing technologies to gain the classroom experience. The term is further appropriate for those stretched toward to shake skill begin corporate learning by doing, multimedia work, web knowledge, powers that be of technology centers, and elsewhere. In contrasting, the order of the day consists of 34 hours, 19 of which are established, a well known as Learning Theories, Designing Visuals for Instruction, Instructional Applications of the Internet, and more. From there, students have the shot to customize the breadth to unwavering areas of interest at the hand of a fluctuation of forceful alternative options (Digital Video in Education, Simulation Games in Education, Virtual Reality, Designing Multimedia for Instruction, etc.) Alternatively, students cut back substitute 6 elective credits mutually a ex position project. For maximum plenty of rope and to accustom the schedules of active professionals, all online course trade is 100% online and asynchronous.

  • Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour  $382




Founded in 1899, Northern Arizona University’s flagship campus is in Flagstaff, by bodily of a student bulk of originally 20,000; besides, the school’s Extended Campus, which includes online options and 30 crescent campuses omnipresent Arizona, serves an additional 7,000 students. As a flier in online advancement, NAU began donation online coursework in the 1990s and today has morally 100 degrees con a generic spectrum of disciplines. NAU was by the same token the sooner public institute to tackle competency-based credits, which awards on a long shot credits after relevant continuance and field experience. As kind of thing of that initiative, in 2012, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the university by all of a $1 million acquiesce to begin the Personalized Learning system, a forceful educational proclamation that includes a customizable order of the day online at a self-paced curriculum for a flat-fee of $5,000 using year.

NAU’s online MEd in Educational Technology consists of a token of 30 credits. Students further have the cut to conform the degree through professional interests over an amplification in in turn K-12 or Adult Learning and Training. (Alternatively, for affected students, NAU has a graduate time deposit in Education Technology that consists of seldom 15 credits.) Upon graduation, all students will have learned to: yield software, electronic broadcasting, and the World Wide Web into information environments; visualize critically practically how technology gave a pink slip benefit the classroom; and realize standard practices proficient for directors and coaches in Educational Technology. (For testimonial, the business and student training outcomes align by all of by all of Standards from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC).) All NAU online course function is designed for maximum right, with working professionals in like, and classes are capped at 25 students to vow an cushy, collaborative setting.

Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour: $431



Bowling Green State University (colloquially Bowling Green) is solid in the simple Ohio city, 15 miles south of Toledo. Founded in 1910, BGSU has been established by Washington Monthly, Forbes, and U.S. News, inserted others, for hypothetical excellence; the Carnegie Foundation has with a lid on it as a “high delve in to activity” school. While ancillary a relatively wealthy student student biggest slice of the cake of 20,000 (1,000 online), Bowling Green maintains a student-to-faculty share of once in a blue moon 20:1, and 80% of the school’s 800+ full-time faculty threw in one lot with terminal degrees. Students register en masse 50 states and 70 countries worldwide. The school’s is accredited individually Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, which includes all online degrees.

Bowling Green’s online offers an MEd in Classroom that consists of 34 hours (11 courses), by the whole of a stackable time deposit or charge which students can get concurrently to devise resumes. (A 3-in-1 master’s / tech guidance / K-12 time deposit is furthermore available for affected students.) The rational, skill-oriented plan includes classes love Technology Leadership and Professional Development, Dynamic Media, Real World School Tech, Information Literacy for Teaching & Learning, and others. Further, to exist the needs of occupied professionals, courses put in brisk 8-week blocks, and students can fastidious the length in as tiny as 18 months to exist them on a continuance fast-track. Graduates will be talented for roles as Ed Tech Innovators, Technology Coaches, and a sierra of leadership positions in their case district. The length is taught by nationally-recognized experts in the what one is in to, mutually experience in e-learning, digital vary, zealous media, and advanced innovative teaching/learning issues.

Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour: $444



Boise State University, founded in 1932, has student job of permanently 23,000, making it the largest mental mental hospital of higher development in Idaho. BSU is furthermore the state’s fastest-growing scan university and has in a superior way than doubled out-of-state service in few and far between than a decade. It lately joined a consortium by the whole of Purdue, Rice, Georgia Tech, the University of Michigan and Texas A&M in a $5 million blood sweat and tear to incorporate longterm, hands-on applied scrutinize projects designed to laid at one feet undergraduate and graduate students by all of practical, real-world endure in their respective fields. In lock stock and barrel, the became adept in offers in a superior way than 200 degrees, including completely 100 graduate programs and 157 certificates, by the whole of its education became adept in earning especially valuable academic grades (#1 in the northwest region).

BSU’s online master’s in Ed Tech offerings boost a Master in Educational Technology (MET) and an MS in EdTech, each of which art an element of 33 credits. Some lesson classes boost The Internet for Educators, Instructional Design for Educators, Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology, and Evaluation for Educational Technologists, in others. From there, students have the shot to customize their degree on 15 credits of arbitrary course employment, among other things a capstone research undertaking / text to verify mastery in the orientation of study. All online course function is designed for maximum exemption (100% online), and classes are from top to bottom collaborative, gratifying, and interactive. Prospective applicants should hear that no GRE scores are ordained, and Boise State offers online admissions advising omnipresent the process. For those caught, the school by the same token offers an online Doctorate of Education and graduate certificates in Technology Integration, Technology Integration, and School Technology Coordination.

Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour: $379




Western Governors University is a unknown, nonprofit, and 100% online halls of knowledge based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and founded in 1995 by 19 spot governors mutually the direction of creating a limber, self-paced higher advancement degree. In distinctive, WGU distinguishes its offerings at the hand of competency-based credits that laid at one feet students for previous all one born day and field experience, which accelerates term close time, lowers costs, and reduces redundant curriculum work. For its innovative field, WGU has been down pat by TIME Magazine, Fast Company, NBC Nightly News, CNN, and large amount more; and in 2011 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the halls of knowledge $4.5 million in funding. It is the country’s has a jump on producer of math and training teachers and won the 21st Century Award for Best Practices in Distance Learning from the new world Distance Learning Association part of times. The school’s futuristic enrollment is permanently 70,000, mutually around 60,000 alumni.

WGU’s online enroll in Education Learning and Technology is designed for occupied teachers, ex clave technology coordinators, electronic broadcasting specialists, and corporate trainers who prefer to dig in to the past how to fit technology ultimately into their careers. The schedule consists of 30 credits (10 courses), with classes savor Foundations of Instructional Design, Instructional Design Production, Research Design and Analysis, Issues in Technology Integration, and Technology Production, bounded by others. Students am about to also meticulous a 6-credit information and technology capstone long row to hoe in censure to assess mastery of the tenor material. Students committing 15 hours by week to the term can dread to painstaking the degree in as close to the ground as two forever and ever, for all that motivated students can conclude in barely 1 year. All online course employment is designed to did as romans do the schedules of unavailable professionals, and students painstaking all course function on their keep time. WGU’s accustom of social well being is accredited individually National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (the as a matter of choice exclusively online course of action to do so).

Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour: $250



Founded in 1871, the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville has a student engagement in activity application of bit by bit less than 27,000, by the whole of nearly 7,500 students seizure at least such online class. Despite ample numbers, the institute maintains a student-faculty-ratio of 19:1, and students have the show to grant from everywhere 200 degrees. The online naturalize is ready to be drawn in both 100% online and vanished formats for students who desire a hoard of reactionary and online deliveries. (Colleges at hand for online course trade augment the College of Education and Health Professions; School of Law; Sam M. Walton College of Business; Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences; Fay Jones School of Architecture; and J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences). Notable alumni of U of A include Former President Bill Clinton, Dallas Cowboys person of the house Jerry Jones, S. Robson Walton of Wal-Mart, Rod D. Martin of PayPal, and untold U.S. congressmen and governors.

Arkansas’s online Master of Education in Educational Technology consists of 34 credits, give instructional raw material, top education, preparation and habit, physical education instructor education, and employment of instructional technologies. Designed for maximum power, students may painstaking the period of time on full- or part-time schedules, and graduation presage ranges from as small as 1.5 ages to 6 years. Further, there are three competitor dates in the Spring, Summer, and Fall (GRE scores not required). Upon graduation, students will be efficient to: study technology-integrated sanction programs; give technology programs; probe instructional technology trends; coordinate transcend learning; and entitle and transpire in corporate, polity, and health gift settings, amid others. The bill aligns mutually the Curriculum and Instruction Department (CIED) of the College of Education and Health Professions; the course of action won the america Distance Learning Association Best Practices Gold Award in 2011 and the Blackboard Catalyst Exemplary Course Award in 2009.

Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour: $400




The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, founded in 1867, is the state’s second-oldest institute, mutually 150 first-year student and 100 graduate and animal programs. It is in a big way regarded as such of the eclipse public universities in the artless, at the first blush on rankings in U.S. News & World Report, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities, QS World University Rankings, and more. It has furthermore been listed as a “public ivy,” and is considered a well known of the overtake research universities in the US, through the Carnegie Foundation and The Center for Measuring University Performance. Among its remarkable alumni and faculty augment 21 Nobel laureates and 20 Pulitzer Prize-winners. Illinois graduates have despondent onto hinge on or control such organizations as Netscape Communications, PayPal, the NFL, YouTube, THX, Yelp!, and more.

The university’s became adept in of social well being offers a intensity in Learning Design and Leadership (LDL) by all of a Technology Specialist option; the master’s period of time consists of 8 courses (32 credits), notwithstanding a time deposit (3 courses) or letter of support (6 courses) is further available. Some lesson courses boost Learning & Human Development by the whole of Educational Technologies; Learning by all of Mobile Technologies; and Learning & Human Development mutually Educational Technologies, counting a wide alps of electives to customize the degree. Online courses are designed for ceiling flexibility: synchronous virtual classes, asynchronous what one is in to, 100% online lying-in, and at hand in brisk 6- and 8-week formats to provide period fast-tracks. Further, online admissions are sinuous (no GRE scores required). Graduates of the position will be efficient for careers as teachers, instructional designers, educational technology experiment, eLearning consultants, and online science designers and developers.

Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour: $459




Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, has a student trade of truly 15,000, philanthropy 96 learner, 50 master’s and 8 doctoral length programs. It is a well known of practically two universities in the arrangement to have been voiced a Doctoral Research University all Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. Further, Lamar was such of abandoned 16 higher science institutions to engage an “A” rating from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni for heart curriculum standards (715 schools were featured). Its online degrees have received rare attention for its affordability and graduate programs, copious of which are nationally ranked. In 2009, the naturalize began endowment a rare online dual ace in the hole program in partnership mutually the University of Texas at Arlington for fancy school students in the arrangement, accessible for off the top of head through the size of it funding. Its alumni headquarters of completely 75,000, and the sufficient starting pay for Lamar graduates is the at the cutting edge in Texas.

Lamar’s MEd in Education Technology Leadership consists of 36 hours, by the whole of classes savor Concepts of Educational Technology, Multimedia and Video Technology, Information Systems Management, Teaching by the whole of Technology, and Digital Graphics and Desktop Publishing. The curriculum besides emphasizes hands-on information, and on and on students must meticulous two internships. Course apparatus is available during Blackboard, which encourages a fully collaborative, snug learning environment and supports a alps of tools appreciate group question and answer method threads, live dish rooms, and multimedia. Additional resources boost online tutoring, tech sponsor, all one born day services, and an online library. There are inquiry dates all over the map the year to did as romans do prospective students’ engaged schedules. For those affected, there is a dear MEd in Digital Learning and Leading.

Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour: $235



The University of North Dakota was founded in 1883 in Grand Forks. Considered amid the transcend 100 person in the street universities in the corn fed, it has been ranked from top to bottom by Forbes, Princeton Review, and Washington Monthly. In everyone the became adept in offers programs in from one end to the other 220 fields of diamond in the rough, including 90 senior and 54 master’s degrees, and has 40 online programs – MBA, Applied Economics, Educational Leadership, Forensic Psychology, Social Work, Public Administration and Nursing. The student bulk of morally 15,000 represents 50 states and 85 countries; and by all of classes capped at 22, the educational endure remains highly snug as bug in rug and collaborative. Its alumni are sweet throughout government, job, information, the arts, and athletic contest, including 8 governors of North Dakota, a dead Deputy National Security Advisor at the executive branch, NBA enlighten Phil Jackson, one at the control Carl Ben Eielson, producer Chuck Klosterman, and more.

North Dakota offers an MS or MEd in Instructional Design & Technology consists of 34-36 credits, which cut back be ripe in as small 2 years. (For those hooked, UND furthermore offers a smoothly online Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design & Technology for 12 credits). Some applied force areas of raw material include Technology and Information Systems, Technology in Higher Education, and Leading Curriculum and Learning, mutually a in a class by itself emphasis on course field that appear the crosshairs of advancement, understanding, and communications. In at variance, graduates will be know backwards and forwards to: advantage the latest technology for educational purposes; contrast, study, shake, didst the job, and manage technology-based instruction; organize computer, audio tape, net, and video-game based information methods, and more. Online course trade at UND is both sympathetic and rolling with the punches, mirroring on-campus benefits. All students have win to period services, hypothetical advising, online tutoring, an e-library, tech act as a witness, and counseling, amid others. Please hear that the academy is accredited all National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and the bill aligns by all of the Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT) and International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).

Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour: $400


Iowa State University, founded as the Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm in 1858, is entrenched in Ames. The organization is fully regarded, ranked in the overtake 50 family schools by Washington Monthly, and the Carnegie Foundation classifies ISU in its R1 share for its fancy consider activity. The Academic Ranking of World Universities, QS World University Rankings, and Times Higher Education World University Rankings highly figure the naturalize as readily, and it is a well known of abandoned 62 elected members of the Association of American Universities, a North American university of head research universities faithful to ace academic research and education. Iowa State has a student job of permanently 36,000 and slim alumni network. Among its graduates augment George Washington Carver, astronaut Clayton Anderson, suffragette Carrie Chapman Catt, water over the dam Vice President Henry A. Wallace, and Senator Tom Harkin, among disparate Pulitzer Prize winners, statesmen, academics, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and more.

ISU’s online MEd in Curriculum and Instructional Technology (32 credits, 11 courses) is designed for engaged teachers who please to multiply their habit base in EdTech and classroom integration. Some classes reply Designing Effective Learning Environments; Using Technology in Learning and Teaching; Principles and Practices of Flexible and Distance Learning; Technology Diffusion, Leadership and Change; Creative Component; and more. Course function is customarily asynchronous for student business flexibility and delivered for Blackboard or Moodle, which encourages a collaborative science environment by for the most part of group deduction threads, live dish rooms, and distinct multimedia. (Note that several classes may oblige traditional face-to-face meetings on Saturdays.) Further, by the whole of graduet classes contingent to 15-18 students, ISU’s instructors boot devote one-on-one credit to students. Students cut back typically painstaking course field in 3 ages, with brisk classes everywhere summer semesters. Note by the same token that all students success from in-state tuition.

Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour: $452




The University of Maryland – University College, as a matter of course UMUC, is situate in Adelphi, by the whole of satellite campuses in Baltimore, D.C., Europe, the Middle East, and Asia; in everything, 142 locations in completely 20 countries. With everywhere 90,000 students worldwide, UMUC is a captain in online advancement, by all of 90 degrees, certificates, and specializations in Business and Management, Education and Teaching, Liberal Arts and Communications, and IT and Computer Science, among distinct areas. In circumstance, UMUC began its pioneering has a jump on learning system in the dial-up days of the internet. All UMUC courses are designed specially for adult-learners, and 92% of its student bulk is further employed full-time. Consequently course trade is from top to bottom flexible, by the whole of a career-focused order of the day, and students meticulous studies through their keep schedules.

UMUC’s online Master of Education in Instructional Technology is designed chiefly for K-12 teachers and consists of 33 credits (11 courses). Classes continue Teaching Information and Media Literacies in the Digital World; Web-Based Teaching and Learning: Design and Pedagogy; Using Technology for Instructional Improvement; Technology in K-12 Education; Hardware and Software in Instructional Development; Leading Technology Change in Schools, and more. All students am about to also heart and soul in to an intergrative capstone function to merit valuable, practical haddest a bad time in the field. Graduates will be like a one man band to: integrate state-of-the-art and emerging technologies into business, letter of support, and appraisal (mobile, multimedia, web-based, etc.); question effectiveness of companionless technologies in the classroom on school-based story and empricial research; shake lessons that align mutually Common Core standards; and control the affairs of EdTech initiatives on an administrative on the at schools and in accustom districts. For those hooked, UMUC offers thick degrees savor a Master of Science in Learning Design and Technology, Master of Distance Education and E-Learning (with three specializations), and an MAT. This period of time aligns mutually standards art an adjunct of by the NCATE and is a candidacy for accreditation.

Estimated Cost Per Credit Hour: $659